In this modern era, there is a seemingly growing need for Tele Underwriting Services. Tele Underwriting is an overall process in which information is gained from applicants, with the help of tele-interview. Tele Underwriting saves time as it helps to reduce time it takes for assess application. An applicant can provide more detailed information about himself on phone.

Tele underwriting services is a tele interview underwriting system for customers seeking medical insurance policies. It collects ‘intelligent information’ from applicant’s life & health related issues.

Nidaan Intelligences Services Pvt Ltd provides the service of tele-underwriting. We interview the applicant (of health insurance policy) on telephone. The applicant's response to a particular question triggers the interviewer to either ask more details about the response or to ask another question. The questions asked are automated & scripted. All the information given by the insured/applicant is recorded by the interviewer. The information is analyzed and interpreted by qualified medical professionals of our company & then it is converted into report. This report is sent to the insurance company so, that they can verify with the information available with them.  The approach is being adopted to try and increase accuracy at both the application & claim stage.

By conducting a tele underwriting services, one company can increase productivity by spending less time on paper work.

Tele underwriting improves turnaround time. Tele underwriting is beneficial as applicants often prefer providing personal information to a third-party interviewer rather than face-to-face with an agent who may be a friend or associate.