“OPD” stands for Out Patient Department in which a patient visit the doctor’s chamber, consult with the doctor for his/ her problem, take the medicine and then return back. So, OPD patient are not hospitalized. Due to modern technology used by the hospitals, the OPD booking are done through online or through telephonic conversation but if a patient want to book a manual appointment then the hospital is bound to issue an OPD ticket to him/her.


But with the increase popularity of issuance in health policy, fraud in market, mutual aid between patient & hospital, we can see that the Insurance Company is the sufferer. With the upcoming scenario like sometimes the hospital also indulge in fraudulent activities with patient by doing forgery in OPD treatment Records as per patient requirement, non- cooperation of hospital & occasionally, we found that in the small hospitals, authority & patient are the same person and just for Claim Money, they take advantage of the Insurance company.


NIDAAN  Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd provide verification service for the OPD Treatment Record to find out the actual facts & truth by covering below mentioned points:-

  • Booking Ticket or Registration for consultation.
  • OPD prescriptions.
  • Consultation chambers, where patients are provided medical, surgical consultation from doctors.
  • Examination rooms where patients can be examined for any disease.
  • Diagnosticswhich have chemotherapy, pathology, microbiology and other diagnostic services etc.
  • Pharmacy which provides medications to the patients.