NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd (NIDAAN India) provides the service of Hospital Visit & Audit Services to find out the substantial & confirmed facts. Suppose, an individual took a health insurance & after certain period, he/she claim for a certain amount at the Insurance Company which was spend in his/her treatment. Then only collecting information from patient will not give a complete view of the scenario that actually the amount that has been claimed to the Insurance Company is true or false.

So, Hospital visit along with its audit has become mandate to find out the hidden facts in which NIDAAN India has its credibility by Identify the facts and circumstances of possible fraud or misappropriation of the organization's assets.

NIDAAN India will cover all the below mentioned points in this service by not only visiting the hospital but also carrying out the audit process, which is as follows:-

  • Audits conducted on either offsite or at the hospital
  • Acquire member authorization to release their medical information
  • Analyses of confidentiality, availability and reliability of medical data on computer
  • Evaluating documents regarding the tariff of the building, equipment exists with facilities, and along with  proper facts that the hospital is registered or not  & & analyzing of each function to determine if it is within an acceptable condition
  • Examine the Medical Bills & exaggerating the discrepancies behind it because nowadays the hospital authorities are providing faulty medical bills to the patient. So, hospital bill auditing can also be beneficial to patient as it could save thousands rarely or frequently
  • Survey the internal control system regarding purchase of fixed assets, medicines, stores, labs, consumables and provisions, etc.
  • Capturing each & every activities through spy device/tools