• Nidaan Intelligence Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the services of documents collection & verification. When a person holds a policy of any insurance company, he submits his KYC documents to the insurance company. At the time of claim, company requires documents related to the claim. At times insured/nominee fails to submit the documents & if claim related documents are submitted by the insured/nominee it becomes essential for the insurance company to verify those documents. Nidaan Intelligence Services Pvt Ltd acts as a third party between the insurance company & insured for the purpose of collection of documents. We collect the documents from insured party on behalf of insurance company & verify those documents from the issuing authorities.

Verification of documents is very essential in today’s era where it is very easy for people to make fake documents.

There are two types of document verification, which are mentioned below:-

  • Physical verification with seal & stamp
  • Online verification

In physical verification, we visit the office from where document is issued & verify the document from the issuing authority with seal & stamp.

In Online verification, we verify the documents online by using various link related to it.